Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Review: The Sleepy Wrap

Sometimes as a parent it can feel as though you need to grow an extra set of arms. When Pacman was a newborn it seemed every time I got out the vegies to chop for dinner or wanted to peg out the washing, he would cry. Unfortunately for me, I'm not superwoman and couldn't grow that extra set of hands I needed so I looked to the next best thing - baby wearing.

If you're new to the baby wearing world, there is a whole list of advantages that come with it. For this Mumma the biggest one is being able to get on with my day (housework, study, cooking and playing with Pacman) all while having bubba cuddled up on me. After trying several wraps and slings, my favourite is the Sleepy Wrap.

Similiar to the design of the Hug a Bub, the Sleepy Wrap (which recently changed their name to Boba Wrap) is basically a large piece of material that you wrap around your body. Depending on your bubs age, there are several positions and ways (such as breastfeeding or forward facing positions) that you can carry your baby.

The good bits:
  • The wrap can be used from birth until around 18 months.
  • It ties over both shoulders which means baby's weight doesn't pull on your back. I can easily have my five week old in there for two hours and not feel any back pain
  • It is great for breastfeeding (especially in public if you're a little shy about it).
  • Baby settles quickly in the wrap and will happily stay (and sleep) in there for several hours.
  • It is a great alternative to a pram when taking baby out for shorter trips.

The bad bits:
  • Although the material is 95% cotton, with the weather warming up I have noticed bubba gets hot in there after a short while.
  • It takes a minute or so to tie the wrap which can be inconvenient (mostly when out shopping etc) if you need to be taking baby in and out of the wrap often.

Have you tried the Sleepy Wrap or another wrap/carrier? 

Melinda. X

The Details:

Website - Price: $39.95 to $48 - Available from: Nursing Angel


  1. Thanks for the comment Megan :) It is affordable, about half the price of the Hug a Bub, although it isn't the Sleepy Wrap isn't Australian.